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Metal Wires

Wire – BTC /ATC Wires – Galvanized wires

The metal wire quality is fundamental for its durability. TECIAM commercializes the best about metal wires. They are soft and zinc coated with a light layer. The galvanized wires are produced with many wire diameter options and can be purchased in many options of rolls and reels.

Galvanized Steel Wire

TECIAM offers galvanized steel wires in accordance with the Brazilian Technical Norms Association (NBR 6331:2010). The galvanized wires can be used in many ways, for example: Fences, masonry fastenings, delimitations and etc.

BTC Light Wire for Artifacts

BTC wires (low carbon contents) are very common and are vastly used in industries. This classification is chemically uniform, very flexible and provides high efficiency in with welded works.

ATC Light Wire

ATC wires (High carbon contents) are hard and recommended for processes involving high mechanical resistance and swaging. The ATC Wires can be used in springs, steel cables, cotton baling, upholstered furniture, washers and etc.