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Quality Management System

Why buy from a company certified by ISO 9001:2008?

Customised service

The client’s order is analised by technical managers that will guarantee that not only all the products requests are respected, but also the commercial conditions agreed in the negotiation.


The feedstock is acquired by approved suppliers, which means that it comes from companies that have been submitted to the demands of the Norm. When it arrives at Teciam, the feedstock is submitted to an inspection and identified with the “I.R.” number, that is used during all the manufacturing process, allowing it’s tracking until the product is finalised. The production is in charge of a trained personnel and different checking inspections are performed until the product’s finalization. 


The product is submitted to a final inspection and then approved to be packed in a form that the protection is assured until the final destination. Also, the product is identified in a specific way to guarantee that it meets the client’s requests. With the tracking, it's possible to verify all the process, since the client’s order, feedstock and machinery that were used in the manufacturing, to the calibrated measurement equipment..

After Sales / Quality Department

Teciam has developed a special channel service to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. In the case of a discrepancy in the product or in the commercial negotiation, the quality department will register a document called S.A.C (or C.S.O - Customer Service Order) to initiate an investigation and offer a solution to the client.