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Metal Net

Metal Net – Metal Fabrics – Metal Fabric

Metal Net for Vibrating Sieve

The metal Nets for Vibrating Sieve are used for the classification of many products such as: iron ores, stones and grains. Therefore, it is largely applied in the national mining industry, labs, in the chemical field, among others.
The Metal Net for Vibrating Sieve can be produced with high carbon content wire, galvanized and in stainless steel.
A good Metal Net for Vibrating Sieve must be manufactured with high quality metal, which can resist to abrasion for long periods of time. The user must be aware of the distance between wires because the distance must be the same in all the Metal Net. Furthermore the net must be well stretched so that later it does not change.
The Metal Nets of Vibrating Sieves are also produced with special finishes, such as with welded lateral (to avoid cuttings while handling the net, cover and hook, among others).

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Wavy Metal Net

The wavy-wired nets, also known as artistic metal net or otis net, may be manufactured in different mesh gaps and wires, square or rectangular meshes, in rolls, pieces, disks, we can produce it up to 3.00 m wide.
The multi wavy net may be produced with galvanized steel wire, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, coated with P.V.C., among other materials, under consultancy.
The wavy metal nets (or wire net) can be used for: areas division, engine or machine protection, windows, shelves, industrial baskets among others. The most usual applications for wavy-wired net are: piece transportation recipients, thermal treatment, heat transmission to air-conditioner boxes.

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Metal Fabric

The metal nets and fabrics are manufactured in different types of wire: the galvanized one, stainless steel, brass, bronze and other kinds of alloys. They are suitable for filtration and sifting.
Metal fabrics are used in insulating chemical, paper, mining, plastic pharmacy, food and drink industries. It is also used in sieves for particle size, sink aerator, serigraphy and for mosquito preventive nets.

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Welded Metal Net

The welded metal net are manufactured in galvanized wire, stainless steel 304/316/310, BTC and ATC steel and in different meshes and wires. It is vastly used in many different segments. They may be used for:
Decorative divisions, cages, engines and machines protection, glass windows, industrial baskets, craftwork, construction industry, decoration and etc.
The advantage of the soldered net is its structuring. Thus, it may be used for TV stands, floor (before concrete) and all decoration activities. It is a high durability product which offers security and beauty.

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Net Fence – Wire fence – Soldered Net Fence

The simple twist metal net fence is manufactured with square meshes in galvanized wires or even with PVC (Belgo High Adhesion) in green, grey, blue colors or the new technology BELGO COR among others known under consultancy.
The net fences are manufactured in several different meshes and wires up to 8.00 m high. TECIAM produces and commercializes Net Fences and also offers them custom-made.
Thereby, it is possible to provide it for your house, farm, industry, a custom-made net fence which will generate security and beauty in your place. Net fences are used a lot for covering courts, soccer fields, pieces of land, dog kennels, routes, airports, residences, industries and etc.

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