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Metal Fabric

Metal Fabric – Metal Net

TECIAM operates in metal fabric manufacturing, or metal net, offering products with the best solutions in filtering, sieving and protecting. Whatever the material or application your company might need, TECIAM has the most appropriate metal nets.

TECIAM has a large experience of more than 30 years and is one of the main manufacturers in the steel industry in Brazil. TECIAM offers a complete metal fabric series, which are manufactured in accordance with the Brazilian Technical Norms Association (NBR 9001:2008) and in many types of material, such as galvanized wire, stainless steel, brass, bronze, among other special alloys. The metal fabrics produced by TECIAM may be used in several applications and are used in the mining sector, by automobile, chemical, paper and cellulose, ceramics, aroma, plastic industries among others.

The metal fabric, or metal net, can be used as raw-material for many products: sieve (vibrating, particle size), sink aerator, filtering plates for industrial filters, cars, buses and trucks grids, industrial baskets, metal sashes, mosquito nets and etc.

Usually one can identify the mesh in two ways:

  • By the number of meshes per cm
  • By the number of meshes by inch

The number of meshes by inches is the most usual way to identify it. Therefore, a 200 mesh has 200 meshes per inch or approximately 80 gaps per cm.

The larger the number of meshes (the more gaps, or meshes per cm or per inch) the smaller the space between the wires. On the other hand, the smaller the number of meshes (less gaps or meshes per centimeter or per inch) the larger the space between gaps.

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