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Nets for Sieves

Nets for Vibrating Sieves – Nets for Sieves

The Net for Vibrating Sieves is fundamental in materials sifting and classification processes. Thus, choosing the most appropriate net implies in a great importance for the final product quality.

TECIAM offers nets for vibrating sieves with a large variety of gaps size and wire diameter. These nets can be produced with galvanized wire, high carbon content, low carbon content or in stainless steel. We manufacture the nets for vibrating sieves with special finish options such as cover and hook, simple hook and lateral welded finish and many others.

The vibrating sieves are used in mining companies, quarries, steel factories, fertilizers and chemical industries, among others. They may also be manufactured in the shape of wired baskets.

The resistance to abrasion is one of the criteria to define a good net quality. In most sifting processes, nets are submitted to abrasive procedures, thereby it is mandatory that the product has been manufactured with highly resistant materials to such conditions.

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