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Masonry Fastening Net

Galvanized Welded Net

TECIAM masonry fastening nets are welded and galvanized nets produced with 1.24 mm diameter wire and 15 x 15 mm mesh, galvanized, which provides great protection against corrosion.

They are recommended to avoid chinks in the link between the masonry and the structure, and also for masonry fastening. The reinforce mortar net is the ideal solution to guarantee quality and productivity for any kind of masonry work.

Main Advantages

  • To facilitate the masonry fastening work.
  • Its use dismisses the traditional fastening between bricks, thereby increasing services productivity and quality.
  • It prevents possible chinks which could occur on the link between the masonry and the structure.
Brink Width Width x Lenght Amont / Box
7cm 6 x 50cm 200 peças
9cm 7,5 x 50cm 150 peças
12cm 10,5 x 50cm 100 peças
14cm 12,0 x 50cm 100 peças
19cm 17,00 x 50cm 50 peças