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Welded Nets for Front

Soldered Net – TECIAM Soldered Net – Net for the Front

The nets for mortar coating are recommended for application on structure and interface regions of the masonry structure. They contribute to absorb the tensions that come from the mortar coating dilation and retraction, avoiding chinks and guaranteeing better adhesion to the concrete contributing to minimize the deformation effects on the coatings.


  • Application on the structure region which will be coated with mortar.
  • Application on the structure’s interface region to the masonry.
  • Application on bent surface coatings.
  • Reinforce on the regularization mortar with thickness superior to 6 cm.


  • The nets for mortar reinforce must be applied in a centralized way, seeking for a uniform net arrangement.
  • It is recommended the net fixation with the use of pinos, which will guarantee a secure fixation, as well as an ideal spacing to throw the mortar coating.
Mesh Wire (mm) Wire(mm)
25 x 25 mm 1,24 mm 500 e 1000

Main advantages

  • Mortar structuring to the coating basis.
  • Prevents undesirable fissures on the mortar coating.
  • Improves the coating behavior relating to thermal deformations.
  • Distribution of the tensions for all the coating.
  • Larger durability and mechanical resistance to similar plastic products.
  • Fire-galvanized wire.

Technical Description

  • Electrically soldered, galvanized and semi-stiff.
  • Meshes measuring 25 x25 mm
  • Wire diameter 1.24 mm
  • Roll Height and Length 25 m x 0.50 m
  • Roll Weight: 9.5 kg