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Front Protective Nets

Front Protection – Reinforced Front Protection

TECIAM offers more security and tranquility for construction works with the Front Protective Nets. These products must be used in many construction work spaces or environments from the external part and construction fronts to scaffolds. Guarantee more tranquility for you works with TECIAM’s front protective nets.

Description Front Protection Reinforced Front Protection Net/ Mosquito Preventive Net
Material Polyethylene Polyethylene
Mesh 2,50 X 5,00mm 1,5 X 5,00mm
Width 1,50m e 3,00m 1,50m e 3,00m
Lenght 50m e 100m 50m e 100m
Colors White and Blue White and Green
Finish Bordered and with “Giro Inglês” type Simple-Bordered and Interlaced